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A large oil and gas condensate field is to be opened and the exploration phase to be launched.
Project initiator is Oil Company Tuimaada-Neft JSC.

According to the Siberian Oil and Gas Research and Development Center, the production at the Zapadno-Anabarsky license block could be as follows: 
- 12 million tons of oil p.a.:
- 10 billion m3 (0.35 TCF) of natural gas p.a.;
- 114 thousand tons of gas condensate p.a.

The main distribution areas of oil and gas condensate could be provided:

1. Via the Northern Sea Route (Sevmorput), the main navigable line for Russia in the Arctic through the Laptev Sea, to Europe and Asia-Pacific. This option requires construction of 10 km of supply pipeline and a terminal on the shore of the Kozhevnikov bay or the Anabar Bay to export oil to Asian markets.

2. Via the East Siberia-Pacific Ocean (ESPO) pipeline system and the Western Siberia pipeline system to which ROSNEFT, LUKOIL and ROSTEKH plan to connect in order to develop the northern license blocks in the Arctic Zone of the Krasnoyarsk Region and Sakha Republic (Yakutia). The Zapadno-Anabarsky license block directly adjoins the Khatanga block of ROSNEFT.

3. To the domestic market as a boiler fuel for housing and utilities services of the Anabarsky District with a population of 3.4 thousand people.

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