Discussion on how new projects affect the quality of life of the Far East population, took place at "Community" forum in Primorsky Krai.
October 10-11 in Vladivostok is the seventh this year's Forum "Community", bringing together participants from non-profit and non-profit organizations from all over the Far East. The forum, organized by the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation, has become a platform for discussing topical problems and prospects for the development of regions and the role of local communities in this process. A particularly rich agenda is for the Far Eastern region, which demonstrates the maximum dynamics in the country. How the new mechanisms for the development of the macro-region affect the quality of life of the Far East, discussed at the session "The Far East: Territory of Opportunities and New Points of Growth".
For the development of the Far Eastern region, 17 federal laws have been adopted, serious work of the Big Ministry, said Sergei Gabestro, chairman of the Public Council under the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation. To date, the Far East is the undisputed leader in the growth of investments in fixed assets, in recent years more than 2 trillion rubles have been invested in the region, and the volume of investments in the economy of the macroregion is growing every year.
"In 2014, the volume of investments in the region amounted to 630 billion rubles, in 2015 - 735 billion, in 2016 842 already and, judging by the volume of contracts concluded at the third WEF, this year the amount invested in the development of the region will exceed last year's figure," - he said.
However, the focus of attention in the development of the Far Eastern region is clearly shifting to improving the quality of life and improving the demographic situation, said Sergei Gabestro.

"For the first time in the history of modern Russia, the government adopted the concept of the demographic policy of the Far East for the period until 2025. This is a normative act, thanks to which specific schools and kindergartens will start appearing in specific regions in the regions. The task of the regions is to turn it into a plan of events, so that the places you live in will change for the better, "he added.
Another important aspect of the new milestone in the development of the region is the new jobs that are created within the territories of advanced development and the Free Port of Vladivostok, primarily for the Far East. The Agency for Human Capital Development in the Far East analyzed more than 800 investment projects and knows exactly how many specialists and in which industries will be in demand in the region, said Roman Dyablov, head of the representative office of the ARC FEC in Vladivostok.
"The Far East needs engineers, shipbuilders, petrochemists and agronomists, builders, logisticians, fish processors and many others - in the coming years, residents intend to create over 110,000 new jobs. Obviously, this task can not be solved by a mass selection, therefore, Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed to develop a training program for key industries in the region, and we are actively working on this, "he stressed.
A detailed analysis of the Far Eastern labor market for a five-year perspective is contained in the Navigator of popular professions, the head of the Vladivostok office added. This handbook helps determine the choice of profession as a younger generation, and find a niche for new residents of the region, commented Roman Dyablov.
"In addition, we interact with higher education institutions and schools, adjusting the admission figures and promoting the opening of new training programs, in effect acting as a bridge between employers and educational institutions, conducting vocational guidance activities among schoolchildren. We want the younger generation to see their future in the Far East region, their prospects for self-realization, and stay here, contributing to its development, "he said.
Let us note that the beginning of a new stage in the development of the Far East was announced by Russian President Vladimir Putin at the plenary session of the third Eastern Economic Forum.
"We are, in fact, embarking on a new stage of a large-scale, comprehensive development of the Far East and all its territories. This stage is connected, first of all, with the qualitative improvement of the conditions for the life and work of the Far East, with the creation of an appropriate economic and social environment here, in many respects - we would like that very much, we will strive for it - exceeding the average Russian indicators, "the Russian President underlined. Vladimir Putin.
The Head of State also instructed the Government, the Ministry of Education and Science, the Ministry of Regional Development and the Agency for Human Capital Development in the Far East to develop a training program to meet the needs of employers and investors. It is important that the personnel base for future production is formed here, in the Far East, the President noted.
"The future of any region is of course young people. Those who now choose a profession, study, begin to build their lives, destiny, which are inseparable from their native land. Initiative, openness to everything new, talents of the Far Eastern youth must necessarily be in demand. This requires an effective youth policy that takes into account the current and long-term objectives of the Far East, "Vladimir Putin believes, according to the website of the Ministry of the Russian Federation.