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Состоялся единый день открытых дверей республиканских институтов развития

11 августа 2017 года Агентство инвестиционного развития Республики Саха (Якутия) распахнуло двери для предпринимательского сообщества и всех желающих, в рамках Единого дня открытых дверей институтов развития бизнеса Якутии.
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Федеральные чиновники посетили место строительства моста через Лену

08 августа 2017 года в рамках визита в Республику Саха (Якутия) представителей федерального правительства во главе с Секретарем Совета Безопасности Российской Федерации Николаем Патрушевым состоялся выезд на место предполагаемого строительства моста через реку Лену.
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Единый день открытых дверей проведут институты развития бизнеса Якутии

11 августа все региональные институты развития распахнут свои для всех желающих. Презентации возможностей пройдут в Агентстве инвестиционного развития, Бизнес-инкубаторе, Бизнес-школе, Венчурной компании «Якутия», Технопарке «Якутия», ТОР «Кангалассы», Фонде развития предпринимательства, Центре кластерного развития и в Центре поддержке предпринимательства.
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Eastern Economic Forum 2017 will present the investment projects a total investment of 1.2 trillion rubles

At the III Eastern economic forum within the framework of the business program will present 32 investment projects with a total investment of 1.2 trillion rubles. The press service of the Ministry of the Russian Federation for the Development of the Far East reported to YSIA.
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Packaging projects: from idea to implementation

"Young entrepreneurs" on 'Synergy of the North' in favour of the promotion of entrepreneurship among young people and providing assistance in translating the ideas of the participants.
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Anton Safronov: Yakutia is negotiating the construction of the Hilton Hotel

the Minister of investment and enterprise of Sakha Republic (Yakutia) Anton Safronov told to TASS that a major hotel chain Hilton Hotels is negotiating with Yakutia on the construction of the hotel.
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Following the meeting of the Head of Yakutia, Oil Company Tuimaada-Neft signed Memorandum with the Singapore Company Asian Oil & Gas

In July 19, following the meeting of the Head of Yakutia Egor Borisov with representatives of the Singapore company Chairman of "Asian Oil & Gas Pte Ltd." Phil Mulacek and Vice-President of the company Mark Vinson signed a Memorandum of understanding on the project "Geological Study and Industrial Development of Zapadno-Anabarsky Licensed Block". The document was signed between the Singaporean company and "Tuimaada-Neft" JSC.
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"Prognoz" JSC will allocate about 2 billion rubles for the purchase of small business of Yakutia

Bundling investment development Agency of Sakha Republic (Yakutia) project development Mangazeiskoe silver deposit in Kobyayskiy district will attract 2 billion to small business of Yakutia. This was during a working meeting with Head of the Republic Egor Borisov said the President of Silver Bear Resources Graham Hill, which owns 100% of the Yakutian asset of the company "Prognoz" JSC.
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The bridge across the Lena river: Japanese technologies for the common cause

July 16, 2017, held a number of meetings in the framework of the visit to Sakha Republic (Yakutia) of the Japanese company Tokyo Rope Manufacturing.

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The delegation of deputies of Japan told about the investment potential of Yakutia

Anton Safronov received a delegation of the house of Representatives of Japan deputies, led by the Head of the Japanese Council for the promotion of Sakha Republic (Yakutia), Mr. Hori Manabu.

Foreign investment in Russia for six months tripled, and in terms of GDP, Russia came close to becoming the first economy in Europe and the fifth economy in the world.

Vladimir Putin

President of Russia
Aimed at eliminating barriers shortening and simplifying the implementation of investment projects on the territory of Yakutia.